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#ACC-0227 Antique Tools in a Shadowbox

#ACC-0227 Antique Tools in a Shadow Box Wall Art
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#ACC-0227  Antique Tools in a ShadowBox Wall Art

This assemblage was inspired by an accumulation of antiquing spanning over 45 years for Stephen C. Staples. These fragments of life were found in the barns and homes of New England. Each piece of history resonates from years of use. The genesis of this wall art was the crafting of a through mortise and tendon frame made of antique wood. Each item has been juxtaposed with others of similar use, baring relationships with one another suggesting ownership by one crafts person. The appeal of this wall art resides in the signs of age of each particular item and the thoughts garnered in their use. I hope that the linkages of these tools and personal items will give hours of interesting contemplation from a time when a person’s word and handshake was a binding agreement.

Measurements:  Approx:  45" Wide x 4" Deep x 35" H (w/out bracket and 40" H w/bracket)

Currently available at Furniture Consignment Gallery in Hanover, MA, 781-826-5114.

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