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#MR-04 Antique Apple Masher Funnel Mirror

#MR-04 Antique Apple Masher Funnel Mirror
Apple Masher Mirror.517ac7a6a32b8.jpgApple Masher Mirror.517ac7a6a32b8.jpg
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#MR-04 Antique Apple Masher Funnel Mirror

This is the funnel feed where you put the apples in to be mashed prior to the apples being pressed.  We didn't have the rest of the apple masher, so we decided to add a mirror to the back and make a functional and unique piece of decor!  The funnel itself is made of antique pine.

Measurements:  Approx:  18 5/8" L x 17 5/8" W x 8 3/4" D

This piece is currently located at Furniture Consignment Gallery on Rte. 53 in Hanover, MA.  Please call 781-826-5114.

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